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My iPhone Settings Have Someone Else’s Apple ID! What Should I Do?

My iPhone Settings Have Someone Else’s Apple ID! What Should I Do?

Below I’ve listed the most common questions I’ve been asked lately. All the questions are related to one problem: I have someone else’s Apple ID in my iPhone settings. What do I do in this situation?
In order to save you time in the future, I will direct users with similar questions to this page. To understand what kind of situation YOU (or they) are in I suggest you read the rest of this article.


Questions from our readers


Hello, can you please help me to create an Apple ID, old user comes out without end, and I received this phone, I do not know the password, I tried to create myself, but they ask to enter the card number when loading.
Gulnaz, look at the situation. Create a new Apple ID is not a problem and I will help you. Another thing is to enter that Apple ID into the settings of your iPhone.


As I wrote in my article on “properly changing Apple ID” (link above – be sure to read it), there are two main places in the iPhone Settings where this Apple ID needs to be entered:
1. The first place is Settings > iCloud. If someone else’s Apple ID is already entered here, you will need the password for that someone else’s account in order to log out. If you don’t know the password to someone else’s Apple ID (and no one else does either), read at the very bottom of this article.
2. Second place Settings > iTunes Store and App Store and here you don’t need the password from your old account.



I flashed my iPhone in the service center and entered the aicloud there, I do not know the password or anything. Asked them they also do not remember. I do not know it at all. I enter the username and the old password, they write that it is incorrect. Aicloud is not mine, the owner refuses to tell the password from it, and is asking for his 15 thousand. Now I do not know what to do. Will it be possible to appeal to Apple? Will they be able to help? And reset this aicloud from the phone.


Aida, your question is very confusing. The service center forgot the password, then they are asking for 15 thousand for it. It is not clear who to believe. Only one thing is clear – you can not normally use the phone, because the previous owner had not deleted his account data from Settings.
In fact, you don’t need the previous owner’s (seller’s) Apple ID password. You just need it to help you log out of your account in Settings > iCloud.

And it is VERY IMPORTANT that the same person goes to icloud.com and deletes your iPhone from their devices. Otherwise, the next time you restore it via iTunes, you will be asked for someone else’s Apple ID again.
If the “previous owner of the phone” turns out to be a normal person, he will help you. If he is still “not a human”, write a complaint to the management of the store where you bought the iPhone – let them know what and how.
Of course you can also turn to the support service of Apple, but you will have to prove that the iPhone is really yours by presenting the receipt from the official store where you bought the phone. Otherwise read the paragraph at the end of the article.



One question – what if I don’t know iCloud password? The former owner does not know it either. And who put it is not clear. The phone was given to me and then they do not understand it and used and gave it as a gift. Now I can not update programs from the appstore. Requires a password from another iD. And in the setting of the iD is new, but when I update it asks for the password from the old iD. So I have to delete everything. Put the new id in and install? Do I understand correctly? Can you please help me? In google I could not find the answer.

Anna, in your situation, I would first read the article “How to correctly replace the Apple ID on the iPhone”. And then changed the account information in the iPhone Settings to your own. Apparently you have already done that.
If you try to update apps bought under someone else’s account, you will be asked for the password of that someone else’s account.
The rules of the game are simple: each downloaded application is tied to a specific Apple ID, which means that you can update it only using the same account. The easiest way is to delete all the applications on the iPhone and then download what you need using your Apple ID.



I bought an Iphone 5s from hand. Registered it on my icloud. Backed it up in icloud. I updated it to version 8. After that it crashed. No network. Took it to repair. It was repaired + as the technician said flashing. After flashing, the unit requested another account… I can not activate. What should I do? Can it be like this?

Stanislav, it may well be. Here’s the situation. When selling the iPhone, the old owner had to erase all the content and settings on the iPhone itself, and go to icloud.com and remove it from his devices.
Only after performing at least one of these two actions will this iPhone not ask for the old Apple ID data. If you do NOT delete the device from someone else’s icloud.com account, then the first time you restore (reflash) the phone, you will need to activate it…
And guess which Apple ID he will want? That’s right – not yours, but the previous owner’s. In your case, look for the old owner and ask him to activate your iPhone. After activation, it’s best to “Erase content and settings” in Settings > Basic > Reset.




You see, we bought the phone from a person who deals with phones himself. This iphone is already tethered to someone and there is an eldi and password and when I enter mine I get a wrong one…(this is during activation).
And when I just in the top right corner of iTunes press “enter” then my account appears. He is a reseller and he does not remember that man … And no one can make it (((

Yulia, if you knew what you were messing with, you probably wouldn’t want to buy this phone. If your iPhone requires someone else’s Apple ID when you activate it, then no matter how hard you have to enter ANYONE’s ID and PASSWORD.
If no one knows these data, and the old owner cannot be found, most likely you have a so-called “brick” (a blocked phone that you can’t do anything with).
Read at the very bottom of the article what options you do have. You can enter any Apple ID in iTunes on your computer, but it will not help your phone.



Can you tell me please. My mom had my iphone stolen. i found and returned it, but the trick is that for safety while i was looking for my id i changed my e-mail address. everything changed, but the problem is that i cannot replace id on my iphone, i cannot download anything and i cannot ask for a password for the old iid, but it says that it is not correct, I wanted to go to the old e-mail, to which the id was connected, it has been removed, but I tried to cheat to create a new one, he says it is impossible, please tell me how to do it Thanks a lot.

Ivan, you should understand what you have done yourself … Why did you change the e-mail and password for your Apple ID? No one but you knew the password to it anyway.
Do all the steps in the opposite direction (change the e-mail to the one you had before the theft) and try to enter the Apple ID data into the phone again. From the experience of several people, this method works in 99% of cases.



I don’t know someone else’s Apple ID password (iCloud)… What should I do?

All of the above stories have one unpleasant fact in common: the new owner of an iPhone does not know the password to the Apple ID to which the device has been linked. There are several ways out of this dead-end (as it may seem) situation. And here they are:

  • Try to find the owner of the unfortunate Apple ID and ask him for the password (or ask to clear the iPhone remotely). If you know the e-mail address someone else’s Apple ID was registered to, write a letter there describing your problem.
  • If you can’t find the owner of the Apple ID, then you should go straight to the official Apple Support. For them to be able to help you, you need to provide a receipt from the store where you bought your device. As they say “without paper you’re a poo-poo, but with paper you’re a man! So if you do not have the appropriate paper (check), you have no one to help you.
  • The only way to recover your iPhone in this situation is to use the DNS servers which allow you to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock and restore the functionality of your device. I advise you to try iCloud Bypass DNS server which is a fully working and most importantly free solution.
  • If your iPhone is locked and you can’t remember / recover / reset the password, the only option left is to sell it for parts “as it is”. Unfortunately, life in the Apple world is sometimes mercilessly cruel!