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How You Can Track Messages on Facebook for Free

How You Can Track Messages on Facebook for Free

How you can track messages on Facebook for free

Spying with phone tracker apps has become a necessity for many people. It allows you to keep you informed of the user’s actions on the target device and monitor their correctness.
This article describes a simple and effective way to remotely spy on Facebook accounts.

1. How to track messages on Facebook for free

Cocospy is an app designed to remotely track the actions of your husband, wife, children or co-workers.
It also includes a Facebook spy feature, giving you free and discreet tracking of your Facebook Messenger chats.
The Cocospy Facebook Spy feature allows you to:
Check the target account’s correspondence with other Facebook users and its messages in group chats.
View the Facebook communication circle profiles of the target mobile device user.
Gain access to all incoming and sent media files of the target device owner.

1.1 All this remotely and covertly?

First, you need to gain direct access to the target Android device to install and activate the app. Next, you will be able to begin remotely monitoring the owner’s activity on the site.
In addition, once installed and activated on the Android device, the Cocospy shortcut is automatically removed from the screen. Therefore, the person may not even be aware of the existence of the application on their device.

1.2 Do I have to jailbreak or root my target device to track its owner’s Facebook messages?

Unlike other apps of this type, Cocospy does not require jailbreaking the target device’s firmware.
Its unique and advanced technology allows installation and activation without the need for administrator rights.

1.3 Exactly how to remotely track Facebook messages?

Step 1: Create a Cocospy account. In order to guarantee that you receive login details and download links, you must provide a correct email address when registering.
Step 2: For the target Android device: by following the download link, install and activate the app.
Step 3: For mobile device tracking: add a new target device, specifying the operating system as Android. This is very important because monitoring on Android and iOS platforms is significantly different.
Step 4: Log in to your Cocospy account from your mobile device. To start the remote spying process, click “Facebook Messages” on the toolbar.
Activating this function will allow you to access your Facebook account on the target device.


1.4 What other features does Cocospy have?

Cocospy is already used by millions of people in 190 countries. And that’s because of the wide range of spy features it provides.
You can use it to view screenshots of your target device, track calls, read text messages, and access your phone book, calendar and notes.
Cocospy is one of the Top 10 best free spy apps for Android and iPhone.


Below is a list of options available to track on your target Android and iOS device:

  • Contacts
  • Call log
  • Text messages (including iMessages)
  • Browser history
  • Events
  • Notes
  • WiFi networks
  • WhatsApp
  • Location
  • List of installed apps



We’ve explained in detail how you should use the Facebook spy option on Cocospy to monitor Facebook Messenger chats for free on your target device.
Unfortunately, Facebook is increasingly becoming a platform for online harassment and cyberbullying. This raises the need to protect your children from such nuisances.
For those wishing to track Facebook messages, the Cocospy app is definitely the best choice. In addition to its affordable price, it provides its users with a unique Facebook spy feature designed specifically for spying on Facebook Messenger chats.
Its stealth and remoteness is an additional trump card of the app.