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Expert Debunked the Myth of iOS “Digital Immunity”

Expert Debunked the Myth of iOS “Digital Immunity”

The expert dispelled myths about “digital immunity” of iOS. The operating system has no absolute protection against hacker attacks and virus epidemics. Mikhail Bocharov, PR-manager of ESET in Russia and CIS, told Gazeta.ru.


According to the specialist, there is a widespread public opinion about the security of iOS, but it is erroneous.

“Since the 2010s, ESET has been recording more and more threats targeting owners of Apple gadgets. For example, the high-profile story with the X-Agent spyware, which tracked almost every iOS user action, or the recently discovered Wi-Fi bug, which can also be exploited by fraudsters,” Bocharov explained.

A clear indication that the threats to iOS are real, according to the expert, are the constant security patches that Apple releases to fix zero-day bugs in iOS, iPadOS and macOS.


Bocharov admits that threats to the Android operating system are much more common.

“This is due to the economic factor that guides hackers: there are more Android users, which means the “kill zone” and the benefits will be higher. Also for large-scale attacks, attackers often buy ready-made tools, of which there are plenty for Android”, – summarized the expert.

Earlier, Apple has confirmed that the devices will include verification of photos and messages from users. The new option will be added due to the increasing number of cases of distribution of materials on sexual abuse of children.