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Bloomberg Named Apple’s Main Fall Novelties: iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad Mini, Macbook Pro and AirPods

Bloomberg Named Apple’s Main Fall Novelties: iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad Mini, Macbook Pro and AirPods

The company is expected to hold several events at once.

Apple has big plans for this fall. Last year we were shown a whole bunch of new products, and this year, apparently, will be no less. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman writes this, citing his own sources.

The iPhone 13 series

Once again, Mr. Gurman confirms that the new generation of iPhones will be shown in September. He does not give specific dates, but I assume it will be either September 7 or 14. Most likely, the second date looks more logical.
Apple will release four smartphone models this year, they will be the successor to the current iPhone 12 line. All new iPhones will get improved cameras, a smaller “monobrow” and a talking speaker in the top edge. Also, all models are expected to have higher-capacity batteries.

It is assumed that the matrix camera stab with a wide-angle lens will now get the iPhone 13 Pro as well. Both “proshki” may be equipped with displays with an increased frequency of image display. Overall, the release is expected to be more of a minor update than being considered a full-fledged update.

Apple Watch Series 7

The main thing about the new watch is the updated design with flat edges in the style of the iPhone 12. Apparently, we won’t be expecting a round watch this year, which is a shame: round watches are tops.

The new generation will have a higher-capacity battery, but we shouldn’t expect much of a boom in autonomy anyway.

There will be no body temperature sensor or non-invasive glucometer in this generation. Apple is expected to introduce them in 2022-2023.
Most likely, the watch will also be shown in September.
Third-generation AirPods.
The long-awaited major update to Apple’s most affordable earbuds. These are also expected to be shown in September.

The new generation of basic AirPods will get a larger case. From this we can assume that the headphones will last longer. They will also have an AirPods Pro style design, but without the ear cushions. Since this is the basic version of the headphones, we shouldn’t expect any noise reduction.

I’m guessing that the future AirPods 3 will be priced at $199 before tax in the US.
The major tablet release this fall is the new sixth-generation iPad mini. The pleas have been answered: we will get a design in the style of the latest iPad Pro/Air. It will be shown at the second fall presentation.

Like the iPhone 13, it will have the new Apple A15 system-on-a-chip. Also the tablet will support Pencil input, USB Type-C and Touch ID in the power button. In fact, it’s a scaled-down copy of the fourth-generation iPad Air.
Apple will also show the base ninth-generation iPad. It will be thinner. Actually, this is all that is known about this tablet. Most likely, it will be shown along with the iPad mini.
Mr. Gurman only talks about the release of the new MacBook Pro. According to him, they will go on sale when the current 16-inch model turns two years old, that is, in November.


The main innovations will be:

  1. Two models: 14-inch and 16-inch;
  2. A proprietary system-on-a-chip, built on the ARM architecture. It’s expected to be called the Apple M1X or Apple M2. It will be more powerful than the M1, it will have more graphics cores and support for more Thunderbolt ports;
  3. It will have miniLED displays;
  4. The Touch Bar will be rejected in favor of the familiar F1…F12 keys;
  5. Charging through the revived MagSafe magnetic port, which was in macbooks until 2016 models;
  6. HDMI port and SD card slot will return;
  7. The design will become flatter.

The new MacBook Pro will probably be shown at the second event, which will take place on October 12 or 19.
It is likely that along with the new “Poshkas” Apple will present less significant computers. For example, an updated Mac mini on the same system-on-a-chip as the new MacBook Pro. We expect a design in the style of the very first Apple TV.

However, this is just my speculation and it is unknown when this computer will be unveiled.