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Apple Watch Series 5 vs. 3: Is It Worth Overpaying?

Apple Watch Series 5 vs. 3: Is It Worth Overpaying?

Apple recently unveiled the Series 5 watch. There weren’t many leaks before the September 10 conference, and some even wondered if we would see a new version of the world’s most popular smart watch.
The Cupertino-based company decided to discontinue the Series 4 watch while dropping the price of the Series 3. You can still buy the Series 4 at various retailers, but it’s getting harder to do so every day.
This means that until the company releases the Series 6 device, users will have to choose between the Series 3 and 5. Is the new product worth the overpayment, or is it worth saving up and getting the third version of the gadget? Our opinion below.


Apple Watch Series 5 vs. 3: Background and Design

While both devices look similar externally, there are a lot of design differences.
For starters, the display sizes are different. The Series 5 (like the 4) has a state-of-the-art screen with LTPO technology that increases energy efficiency. The screen size is now as much as 30% larger in both the 40mm and 44mm versions.
This means the device can display more information and detail.
The Series 5 (and 4) is also slightly thinner than the Series 3.
Another major update was the long-awaited always on display feature on the Series 5. Previous versions didn’t have this feature and you had to activate the screen every time to see the time. Finally, a full-featured watch with the screen never turning off is on your wrist. At the same time, Apple managed to maintain a battery life of 18 hours. That’s a great result!
But that’s not all.
On the 5-series (and 4) the digital crown button has been completely redesigned. Haptic feedback has been added, giving the user tactile feedback and a more natural feel, thanks to the extra clicks. The microphone has also been upgraded.

Each successive version of the watch comes with improved internals. Powering the latest iteration is a fifth-generation SIP called the S5. It contains a dual-core 64-bit processor, tuned by Apple to double the performance of the Series 3. The memory has also been doubled from the Series 5 to 32MB. The heart of the fifth version of the device is a fifth-generation dual-core 64-bit processor called the S5, which is designed to double the performance of the Series 3. Memory was also doubled in the Series 5 to 32MB.
To summarize, the latest Apple Watch compares favorably to the Series 3 in several ways. The most important is the large, always-on display. But improvements inside the case mean the watch will also perform better.
Unlike the third version, virtually the only design difference between the Series 5 and the 4 is the always-on screen and memory. That said, despite the difference in name (S4 and S5, respectively), the processors in the fourth and fifth series of the gadget, are the same in performance. Well, almost.


Apple Watch Series 5 vs. 3: Features

Many smart and not-so-smart watches can better track a user’s physical activity and workouts, but the Apple Watch is perhaps the most versatile. If you’re interested in more than just activity monitoring and intend to use the gadget’s full range of smart features, it’s the best choice for Iphone owners.
In terms of activity tracking, the only difference between the Series 4 and 5 is the addition of the compass. But there are quite a few differences between these two modifications and the Series 3. The most hyped is the ECG measurement feature that was introduced in the Series 4. Apple built an electrode into the back of the device and into the digital corona. The new ECG app offers a detailed report that lets you know if your heart rhythm is normal or if there are problems. The improved heart rhythm sensor also displays warnings about low heart rate and tells you if it suspects atrial fibrillation.
In addition, there’s Apple’s latest generation accelerometer and gyroscope, which can get motion data eight times faster. Improved hardware allows the Series 5 (and 4) device to do a better job of tracking steps, calories and more. It also allows for some more interesting features, such as fall detection, for example.

Other health and fitness tracking features are pretty much the same in the different versions.
This also applies to the smart features. All of these models come with the LTE option, with Apple Pay, Gym Kit and more. They will all be compatible with WatchOS 6, and will differ in the app ecosystem.


Apple Watch Series 5 vs. 3: Bottom Line

Most of the differences between the 5 and 3 series Apple Watch lie in the area of design. Are all of the listed differences worth swapping out your Apple Watch Series 3 for the newer one? It’s up to you to decide. In our opinion, it all depends on your willingness to pay extra. The price difference is quite significant. However, the third version will definitely appeal to people on a tight budget.
The internal activity tracking system has been improved in the Series 5 (and 4) and includes an improved heart rate sensor and accelerometer, as well as the ability to measure EKG and some other upgrades. These changes may not make any difference to the user, since the Series 3 does a great job of tracking physical activity. However, for those who can afford it, it is usually better to choose a newer device.
But swapping the Series 4 for the Series 5 certainly doesn’t seem to make sense to us.
By the way, you can try to find a Series 4, the price of which should also get lower.